Argus Remote System AS 

Welcome to Argus Remote Systems AS. Argus is manufacturer of electrical ROVs which are designed and built in Bergen, Norway. We have also extensive experience with operating Argus ROVs, for the oil and gas industry, subsea power cable industries, research institutions and aquaculture. We can thus offer our customers hardware, service, training and operation support. Argus was established in 1991 and has an impressive track record of high-performance electrical ROVs and well accomplished ROV missions. Argus has delivered more than 80 complete subsea systems including ROVs, TMS’ and other custom builds.

The Argus philosophy is to be creative, flexible, reliable and always focused on safe and efficient approaches. Argus achieves this by tight horizontal integration between the different departments. The path between challenges offshore to innovative new technological and operational solutions is short and frictionless in the Argus system.