Electrical ROVs

Proven Electrical Technology

Since 1991 Argus has been engaged in advanced robotics. Electrical ROVs have a number of advantages in comparison to traditional hydraulic systems. Without reducing performance electrical ROVs are smaller in size, lighter in weight and more adaptable to new situations than their hydraulic peers. The more compact design has several advantages in comparison to hydraulic subs: less deckspace needed, better subsea accessability and better weight/drag vs hp ratio increases performance in currents. Separate power & control systems to the thrusters increase redundancy. Hydraulic oil spill is reduced to a minimum, which is better for the environment and gives the operators a safer working area. A separate hydraulic powerpack drives the tooling. Electric drive is ideal in both very warm waters at splash zone depths and very cold waters. The subs are also very easy to maintane due to their smaller physical size and open design.

Argus has a full spectrum of ROV systems ranging from the Argus Rover to the large work class Argus Worker XL.

Argus has an outstanding track record for durability and reliability. Interfacing is never a problem when the components have been designed for interfacing. As the Argus crews take part in the product development, the integrated systems are constantly being developed and improved to enhance achievements.