Argus ROVs

High-performance electrical ROV's

Argus has an outstanding track record for durability and reliability. Interfacing is never a problem when the components have been designed for interfacing. As the Argus crews take part in the product development, the integrated systems are constantly being developed and improved to enhance achievements.

  • Argus Rover

    - Observation/ Light work class ROV
    The Argus Rover is our observation class ROV. Can be fitted with Hydro-Lek manipulator for light work.
  • Argus Mini

    - Light weight small ROV
    The Argus Mini is a small light weight ROV. Can be easily transported and fitted on any small boat.
  • Argus Mariner XL

    - Powerful deepwater vehicle. Available depth´s down to 7000msw.
    The Argus Mariner XL is a Medium WROV. Ideal for scientific, military and salvage.
  • Argus Worker

    - Flexible and powerful
    The Argus Worker is a powerful electric WROV. Ideal for drillsupport, survey and IMR (inspection, maintenance & repair).
  • Argus Mariner

    - Small Work Class ROV
    The Argus Mariner XL is a small sized WROV which is ideal for a wide range of tasks; IMR, survey, touch down monitoring. Fitted with Schilling Orion or Hydro-Lek arms.​