Argus Rover

Argus Rover

The Argus Rover is our observation class ROV. Specifically built for long line inspections from shallow to deep water. The Rover is designed around 6x ARS1500 thrusters. Where 4 are vectorized horizontally and 2 vertically. Two cameras are installed. One HD camera and one wide angle camera. More cameras can be fitted. The Electronic pod have a number of 24V/RS232 outputs and can be installed with ethernet output aswell. Contact us to build your specific ROV!

Argus Rover
Technical specifications
  • Power (Kw/Hp): 15/20
  • Depth rating: 1000-3000msw
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 1,4m x 1m x 0,8m
  • Weight in air: 300 kg
  • Payload: 40kg

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Equipment and accessories

  • Argus HD-SDI Camera 3x zoom AF
    Argus HD-SDI Camera 3x zoom AF

    The Argus HD Camera sends realtime, uncompressed and high resolution video to surface.

  • Mini Manipulator
    Mini Manipulator

    All electric manipulator to be mounted on small sized ROV’s. The new Argus Mini Manipulator is a lightweight and compact DC manipulator with brushless motor and internal controls.

  • Pan & Tilt HD
    Pan & Tilt HD

    The ARS Pan&Tilt HD is oil​ filled and pressure compensated for maximum operating depth.

  • Compensator 0,3ltr
    Compensator 0,3ltr

    The Argus mini compensators are designed to provide a slight internal overpressure for pressure compensated subsea components, like thrusters, junction boxes, transformers, etc.

  • ARS-1500-DC

    The Argus ARS-1500 thruster is a lightweight and compact DC thruster with brushless motor and external controls.

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