Argus Mini

Argus Mini

600m Depth rated ROV that is equipped with an Argus HD camera, 2 x Argus 150W LED Lights,

1 x Argus Tilt with position feedback, 

1 x Argus Roll/Pitch sensor, 

1 x Fluxgate Compass and a Depth sensor with 0.1%FS as standard.

The surface system is delivered with a Portable 19 inch rack.

The rack consists of control box with Fiber mux system and ROV control system, Megacon Insulation guard system, computer with keyboard and mouse, Videologix Proteus Video overlay, HD video recorder, Quad multiviewer and Power supply for the ROV. 

Control console is connected to the Surface control box.

32 inch monitor is connected to the Rack displaying Video camera and ROV GUI.

The Umbilical is supplied with a termination box with fiber connector and power connector so that you can disconnect the Umbilical very easily from the ROV.

The System requires a 16A / 230VAC power input.

Auxiliary equipment like Sonar, manipulator, brush tool and different sensors can be connected to the ROV.

Argus Mini
Technical specifications
  • Power (Kw/Hp): 3/4
  • Depth rating: 600msw
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 0,9m x 0,65m x 0,6m
  • Weight in air: 90kg
  • Payload: 5kg

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Equipment and accessories

  • ARS-800-DC

    The Argus ARS_THR_800 Mini-Thruster is a powerful, lightweight and compact DC thruster with brushless motor and external controls.

  • Argus HD-SDI Camera 3x zoom AF
    Argus HD-SDI Camera 3x zoom AF

    The Argus HD Camera sends realtime, uncompressed and high resolution video to surface.

  • Mini Manipulator
    Mini Manipulator

    All electric manipulator to be mounted on small sized ROV’s. The new Argus Mini Manipulator is a lightweight and compact DC manipulator with brushless motor and internal controls.

  • Tilt LD
    Tilt LD

    The Argus Tilt-LD is oil filled and pressure compensated for maximum operating depth.

Reference projects

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