Pan & Tilt HD

The ARS Pan & Tilt HD is oil filled and pressure compensated for maximum operating depth. The Pan &Tilt HD unit is equipped with a compensator with a visual indicator. The casing is made of durable hard anodized 6082-T6 aluminium, which is further protected by a sacrificial anode. The Pan &Tilt HD unit is controlled by RS-232 as standard, but can also be delivered with a 24V on/off version. The RS-232 version, ARS-PT-HD, features remote- controlled torque- and settings and accurate camera position feedback. The external compensator can easily be serviced by the end user and the unit be serviced in the field. The Camera bracket could easily be modified to fit multiple cameras and lasers. 

  • Pan & Tilt HD
  • Pan & Tilt HD
Pan & Tilt HD
Technical specifications
  • Power (Kw/Hp): 36w
  • Depth rating: 6000m
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 223x90x252
  • Weight in air: 6,7kg
  • Material: Hard anodized aluminium, Stainless steel, POM
  • Contacts: Subcon MCBHHRA8MSS

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