Subsea DC thruster

Powerful, lightweight and compact DC thruster

The Argus ARS_THR_800 Mini - Thruster is a powerful, lightweight and compact DC thruster with brushless motor and external controls. The thruster is oil filled and pressure compensated for maximum operating depth. The casing is made of durable hard - anodized 6082 - T6 aluminium to ensure a long service life. The mini thruster controller is compact, and each controller can run 3 mini thrusters

Subsea DC thruster
Technical specifications
  • Power (Kw/Hp): 800
  • Depth rating: 6000
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 248 x 78 x 152
  • Weight in air: 2,2
Forward thrust
12 kg
Reverse thrust
9 kg
Rotational speed2000

Equipment and accessories

  • Argus Mini
    Argus Mini

    The Argus Mini is a small light weight ROV. Can be easily transported and fitted on any small boat.

Reference projects

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