Argus PT XXL

 The Argus PTXXL  is a powerful pan and tilt unit design for camera and or equipment with a total weight of up to 60kg in air. 

This unit utilizes two heavy duty backlashfree wormgears and two Argus HD rotary units(Tilt). Controlling the unit is done via RS-232. 
The rotary units have proportional speed control and a dedicated control joystick can be delivered with the system. 
Units can be set to different addresses and daisy chained so only one RS-232 line is required. 
An Y-spliced cable or two outputs are required. Both gears and rotary units are oil compensated with an active 300cc compensator. 

  • Argus PT XXL
Argus PT XXL
Technical specifications
  • Power (Kw/Hp): 0,036
  • Depth rating: 6000msw
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 490x380x520
  • Weight in air: 33
  • Material: Aluminium 6082T6, EN1.4418, PEHD

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