The Argus ROV systems are, from the control systems down to the tiniest connector, results of in-house research and development.

Innovative Deepwater Solutions for aquaculture, oil &gas, military and research industries

Argus Remote Systems AS is a manufacturer of ROV systems with electric propulsion. Our main customers are within aquaculture, oil & gas, deep sea minerals and research industries.

Argus delivers complete systems; ROV, control and workshop containers, winches, Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) and Tether Management Systems (TMS)

High-performance ROV systems

Argus offers a complete line of ROVs, from small observation class to large work-class ROVs including control containers, workshop containers, winches, tether management systems (TMS) and launch & recovery systems (LARS).

  • Argus Worker XL

    Argus Worker XL

    The Argus Worker XL is a powerful electric WROV. Ideal for drillsupport, survey and IMR (inspection, maintenance & repair).

  • Argus Worker

    Argus Worker

    The Argus Worker is a Medium WROV. Ideal for scientific, military and salvage.

  • Argus Mariner C

    Argus Mariner C

    The Argus Mariner is a small sized WROV which is ideal for a wide range of tasks; IMR, survey, touch down monitoring. Can be fitted with Hydrolek Manipulators.

  • Argus Rover

    Argus Rover

    Observation and light work ROV ideal for aquaculture and Oil&Gas

  • Argus Mini

    Argus Mini

    The Argus Mini is a small light weight ROV. Can be easily transported and fitted on any small boat.

  • Argus Mariner

    Argus Mariner

    Mariner XL is our smallest Work class ROV.

  • Argus Rover C

    Argus Rover C

    Observation and light work ROV ideal for aquaculture and Oil&Gas